Dr. Babu Abdullah, Correspondent, SAEC, India.
Mr. Chelladurai Abdullah, Treasurer, SAEC, India.
Dr. Chinnadurai Abdullah, Secretary, SAEC, India.


Prof. Dr. P. Marimuthu, Principal , SAEC, India.


Prof. Dr. R. Dhanasekaran, Director - Research, SAEC, India.


Prof. Dr. N. Kirubanandasarathy, Professor - ECE, SAEC, India.


Prof. Mr. M. Periyasamy, Vice Principal, SAEC, India.
Prof. Mr. G. Mahendran, HOD - ECE, SAEC, India.
Prof. Mr. S. Karthikeyan, HOD - Mech, SAEC, India.
Prof. Dr. S. Selvaperumal, HOD - PG(EEE), SAEC, India.
Prof. Mr. J. Bastin Solai Nazaran, HOD - EEE, SAEC, India.
Prof. Mr. N. Karthikeyan, HOD - CSE, SAEC, India.
Prof. Dr. B. Muthukumar, HOD - IT, SAEC, India.
Prof. Mr. K. Senthamarai Kannan, HOD - Civil, SAEC, India.
Prof. Dr. S. Rajasekar, HOD - S&H, SAEC, India.


Prof. Mr. B. Palani Chelvam, AP, SAEC, India.
Prof. Mr. G. Saravanakumar, AP, SAEC, India.
Prof. Mr. P.Thirumurugan, AP, SAEC.
Prof. Mr. M.H.Anand Babu, AP, SAEC.


Prof. Dr. Wisam Al Azzo, Dhofar University, Sultanate of Oman.
Prof. Dr. M. Murugappan, Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia.
Prof. Dr. Ishak, Aris University Putra, Malaysia.
Prof. Dr. Won Yee van, University of Nottingham, Malaysia.
Prof. Dr. Rajprasad Rajkumar, University of Nottingham, Malaysia.
Prof. Dr. Mushtak Al Atabi-Dean, Taylor's University, Malaysia.
Prof. Dr. Paulraj M P-Associate, University Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia.
Prof. Dr. Chockalingam Aravind, Vaithilingam Taylor's University, Malaysia.
Prof. Dr. Kandasamy Pirapaharan, Guinea University of Technology,New Guinea.
Prof. Dr. PRP Hoole, Guinea University of Technology, New Guinea.
Prof. Dr. Rozita Teymourzadeh, UCSI University, Malaysia.
Prof. Dr. Raja Nor Firdaus, University Teknical Malaysia, Malaysia.
Prof. Dr. Reza Zare, University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia.


Prof. Dr.V.Kamakoti, IITM , Chennai.India.
Prof. Dr.Selvajothi,IIITDM, Chennai, India.
Prof. Dr.N.Vasudevan, Dean, Hindustan University, India.
Scnt. Dr.K.Karthikeyan, Associate Scientist, ABB Global services Ltd, India.
Prof. Dr.P.Muneeswaran, Mepco Schlenk Engineering College, India.
Prof. Dr.K.G.Srinivasagan, National Engineering College, India.
Prof. Dr.C.Balasubramaniam, PSR Engineering college for women, India.
Prof. Dr.S.Geetha, VIT University, India.
Prof. Dr.M Manikandan, Anna University, India.
Prof. Dr. A.Giridhar Akula, Lords Institute of Engg. & Tech., India.
Prof. Dr.S.G.Hiremath, East West Institute of Technology, India.
Prof. Dr.CH.Ravi Kumar, Prakasam Engineering College, India.
Prof. Dr.B.Venkataramani-Dean R&D, NIT, Tiruchirapalli, India.
Prof. Dr.K.Gowrishankar-Principal, ARM Engineering College. India.
Prof. Dr.S.Ravi, Head - ECE, MGR University, Chennai, India.
Prof. Dr.G.P.Ramesh, Professor & Head ECE. SPU, Chennai, India.
Prof. Dr.P.Subbiah-Principal, Womenís Engineering college, Kadappa, India.
Prof. Dr.T.Kalpalatha Reddy-Dean/ECE, SKR Engineering College, India.
Prof. Dr.K.Thirunadana Sikamani, St. Peterís College of Engg. & Tech., India.
Prof. Dr.Habibullah Sait, Anna University, Trichy, India.
Prof. Dr.Noormohammed, IIITDM. Chennai, India.
Scnt. Dr.N.Seetharaman, CVRDE, Avadi, Chennai, India.
Prof. Dr.S.Selvan-Principal, SPCET, Chennai, India.
Prof. Dr.R.Rani Hemamalini, SPCET, Chennai, India.
Prof. Dr.Hari Prasad, K L University, Vaddeswaram.
Prof. Dr.Viswanatha Rao, Swarnandra college of Engineering, India.
Prof. Dr.Joseph Henry, Veltech University, Chennai, India.
Scnt. Ms.M.Vetriselvi-Scientist, CDAC, Noida, India.

Conference Proceedings were published in IJAER as Special Issue Vol. 10, Issue No. 55.

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